Xavier Omär, “one of R&B’s most hidden gems” (Okayplayer), releases the Vinyl Version for his album ‘if You Feel’. The album includes “SURF”, a slinky, post date night jam that makes the most of a cheeky ocean metaphor and shows both Omär and traphousejazz artist Masego at their best. Omär began recording ‘if You Feel,’ in February of last year, on the heels of an early first-anniversary celebration with his wife. The 11 track collection explores Omär’s contrasting journeys through love, inner turmoil and religion – coming to fruition where the three meet. Beginning with “FIND ME,” a propulsive, four-on-the-floor expression of confidence, and ending with the serene melodies of “Like I Feel,” the album wades into new territories for Omär while further proving his R&B prowess. Features from rising stars (Mereba, Jae Stephens, Melanie Faye) and seasoned artists (Masego, Sango, D’Mile) alike help Omär craft the full mosaic of ‘if You Feel.’

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