Once in a while a group comes along that decides to make music simply because they have no other choice – they are addicted musicians. For nineteen years Boston’s Big D and the Kids Table has proven just that, showing they truly are the DIY kings who are “Built Up From Nothing”. McWane describes the group as – “Modern American gypsies” and you will feel just that during their explosive touring cycle this 2017.

Big D and the Kids Table has always been commended by the underground music scene for their do-it-yourself mentality. And with their new record label imprint, Strictly Rude records, Big D has been firing off vinyl of their most celebrated albums and reprinting CDs that haven’t been reprinted in some time.

The Gipsy Hill EP is an album that was written while Big D was touring 220 days a year. Songs were written in dingy squats in Germany and in the backs of pubs in the U.K. This release celebrates all their U.K. experiences, friends and fellow bands with live tracks with many fun cameos.

Beloved tracks like Check List and Those Kids Suck bring explosive ska-punk power, while tracks like Evil Girl, Angry Girl and Scenster show case Big D’s more rude sound. Topping off this release are Big D’s two great covers, Wailing Paddle from The Rudiments and New England by Jonathan Richman. The Gipsy Hill EP is a sonic reflection of a band living their lives on tour, in pubs, squats and clubs. Pick up this powerful release today.


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